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Pure Love

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The last cleanser you’ll ever buy! It’s gentle and effective.



Pure Love Cleanser is the last cleanser you’ll ever buy! It’s gentle and effective. The large molecules in the organic castor oil gently lift and wipe away makeup and environmental pollutants, while the other organic oils moisturize and restore your skin from the day’s exposure. Together with Face Love, they are the dynamic duo to give you the most nourished skin you could imagine.

Gently massage a couple pumps of Pure Love Cleanser all over your face and neck. Gently wipe away with a very warm, wet washcloth.

1 review for Pure Love

  1. Lorraine

    FOr the record, I have aging and acne PROne skin. This Is a wonderful facial cleansing oil! although I have no Fragrance sensitivity, it DOES NOT HAVE ONE. Like all Of PATTI’S other cypress products, it is made with the finest organic oils. It EFFECTIVELY REMOVES all makeup, including mascara. I REGULarly double cleanse my face, using the “oil cleansing method.” This is the perfect oil to use for this purpose. I highly recommend it to anyone, no matter what type of skin you HAve.

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