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Lucy’s Aromatherapy Pots have a base of the finest Dead Sea Salt for a full spectrum of minerals. Each 2 oz. pot includes a mix of quartz crystals that incorporate white quartz, which amplifies energy. Quartz crystals have been known to magnify energetic vibrations and are used in healing energy work such as Reiki, sound healing and, of course, aromatherapy! $28 each or buy 3 of Lucy’s Aromatherapy Pots for just $75!


Here are our blends. Put them to the best use for YOU!

FOCUS Keep this inspiration on your desk! Indulge your senses with uplifting peppermint, stress relief from rosemary and bright citrus notes!

CHILL will calm your mind with clary sage, alleviate stress and allow you to embrace a very peaceful place with hits of lavender and bergamot.

JUMP for the entrepreneurs! I keep this one on my desk! It’s original and uplifting with citrus, thyme and the surprise of frankincense!

DELIGHT is just that! Florals spiked with citrus and basil. You’ll love this one in any room! My mom’s favorite 🙂

REFLECT has bright citrus notes that promote clarity, eucalyptus that relieves fatigue and the lovely frankincense that has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety.

SLEEPY HEAD Put this soft blend on your bedside table. It will help lull you to sleep by supporting a peaceful and relaxed mind so you can rest.


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