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Cypress SkinCare Is 100% Organic, Natural, Nourishing Skin Care
Indulge Yourself With Affordable Luxury

Your skin needs healthy natural ingredients to look its best. You wouldn’t dream of depriving your skin of good moisture. The formulation of oils you’ll find in Cypress SkinCare act as a barrier to outside elements that can harm and damage your skin.

Most mainstream skin care products contain carcinogenic chemicals, allergens and irritants. Many, if not most, of those chemicals absorb into your bloodstream through your skin — think the nitro, birth control or nicotine patch, or an Epsom salts bath that relaxes your muscles because the magnesium absorbs. When you use natural skin care products, you eliminate toxic chemicals, preservatives and fragrances that are harmful to our bodies and replace them with good-for-you, healthy oils (healthy fats) that your skin and body will recognize and be able to utilize to heal!

The organic, food-grade essential oils in Cypress SkinCare are the highest-quality essential oils on the market and have been specifically chosen for their uplifting fragrance. Our oils are 100% organic and cold pressed. They are pure, potent goodness delivered by nature.  We keep the ingredients true to their natural state by never overheating.

Cypress SkinCare products were founded in Laguna Beach. Our products are never tested on animals and are vegan. The product containers are the highest quality, BPA free, made from recycled material and recyclable.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil include ultimate skin softening, anti-aging properties and the most gentle exfoliation possible. You’ll see a visible improvement in your skin’s texture. The medium chain fatty acids and natural lauric acid strengthen hair and act as a scalp conditioner.

Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil include superior emollient properties that ensure nourishment is absorbed into your skin. It also balances skin PH levels. It promotes hair shine and strength, and is excellent for dullness or hair that breaks easily.

Homer once described Olive Oil as “liquid gold.”  It contains major antioxidants, including Vitamin E, polyphenols and phytosterols, which help fight premature skin aging. Antioxidants also protect skin against ultraviolet light and free radical damage. Olive oil contains a high concentration of monounsaturated fat, which has a natural plumping effect on the skin’s cell membrane.  It makes the skin cells more fluid, which gives your skin a wonderful, smooth appearance. And unlike chemicals, this is the natural process at it’s finest! Livestrong.com calls Olive Oil a powerhouse for hair.  It creates softness while maintaining manageability, strength and shine.

The organic Castor Oil in the Pure Love Cleanser is a large molecule that doesn’t absorb into the skin.  Instead, it lifts and swipes away impurities, leaving the other organic oils to nourish.

Treat your skin and yourself well!

Cypress SkinCare is guaranteed to delight your skin and senses. We stand behind our products 100 percent, and are always available to answer questions.

If you want soft skin, hair and feet ~ head to toe ~ give Cypress SkinCare a try. You will be AMAZED!

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