About Our Founder

about me 1

I don’t know many Skin Care company owners who’d put their bare face on their website but here’s mine! Bare except for 15 coats of mascara & brows! I’m 51 years old & never wear foundation or powder anymore ~ no need!

This is a passion project for me! I’m a single mom with a son who just finished his first year of high school! He is a great kid & we’re a pretty great team.

I have VERY sensitive skin.  Back in the ’80s & ’90s I would spend hours on hair & makeup but never thought about what I was putting on my skin. Then, in my 40s, I started to get wrinkles and that awful, crinkly skin on my neck! By my mid-40s I started using mainstream organic products but still had some allergic reactions. Once when using an organic lipstick, my lips swelled then peeled for three days! That was the day I decided that I could do this better, cleaner and safer!

After a few months of mixing, trial & error, mixing again, my mom commented on how great my skin looked. That’s not something she had ever said before. At that moment, I knew I was onto something!

I started giving out samples to friends and got great feedback. Then I reached out to a larger group of objective samplers ~ again, great feedback.

That has brought me to this moment … standing at my desk, writing “about me.”

Usually, writing about yourself is a chore!  But because I believe in what I’ve created, it’s simple beauty. It’s the ability to help with wellness. It’s the ability to make people feel good about themselves because they look & feel better. It’s been pretty fun.

about me 2Here’s how my products have personally helped me.

  • Face Love – My skin is smooth.  I have very few wrinkles now, including crow’s feet, around my mouth, forehead, etc. At one of my first events showcasing Cypress SkinCare, two women bought the face love and said they wanted their skin to look like mine ~ I don’t wear any foundation anymore & wasn’t wearing any that day.  Best compliment ever!
  • Body Love – Like I said earlier, I have very sensitive skin; I would get occasional eczema breakouts. They are totally gone, and this is something I’ve lived with my whole life!  My skin is healthy, clear, soft and smooth. My son & his friends love it when they get too much sun!  You can lead a kid to sunscreen, but you can’t make them put it on!
  • Foot Love – Oh, man!  Rough heels?  Not anymore!  We live near the beach & I’m always in sandals ~ my feet look great again!
  • Hair Love – I’ve always had thin hair that tends to look stringy at the ends. That, too, is something in the past!  My hair is fuller, softer & wavier with a beautiful shine.
  • Pure Love Cleanser is the newest addition.  It actually took me a while to accept the ‘oil cleansing’ philosophy but after doing it for a couple of weeks, I was completely hooked!  I used to hate to wash my face, even with the organic gentle cleansers because they still stripped my skin – not with Pure Love Cleanser.  And I call the combo with the Face Love, the Dynamic Duo because of their synergy.

You’ll notice that our packaging has evolved as we’ve grown, no more little white topped bottles and homemade labels.

I’m a walking billboard for my products and love every minute of it! I know you’ll love & enjoy Cypress SkinCare as much as I do!