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Pure Excellence

Cypress SkinCare makes pure, good-for-your-skin oils that do any excellent job hydrating, cleansing, and nourishing your skin. Of course, the products are all vegan and cruelty-free, YAY! The Pure Love Cleanser and Face Love oil work wonderfully together, and Body Love is an excellent, all-natural body moisturizer.

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Amazing Product

I’ve had break outs on my face the older I got, than when I was younger. I have used other products that may give me some relief from the break outs, but by week two all heck breaks out on my face.
I asked for the 1 oz samples of pure love, face love, body love, feet love, hair what a difference it made.
Within days of using pure love and face love on my face I began to see the healing taking place no more break outs, and people started telling me how nice my face looked...THAT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE! It is simple amazing.
I started using the Hair love and my hair is as soft as it was when I was younger. I like to put it on at night and wear it to bed. Shower in the morning with beautiful young looking hair again. There is no residue left on my pillow case, just beautiful hair.
I wished I could just bath in it...I'm a believer!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for all the love you put in to this product. ~ Kelly T.

Hair Love

I have really thick curly hair, and always have to use so many different products for my hair. I decided to use Hair Love, and boy was it a great decision! The way I use Hair Love is when I come out of the shower, towel dry my hair, pour some on the palm of my hand and comb through my hair with my fingers. This gives me great curls, and no frizz. I have been using Hair Love for about 3 weeks now and I love it:) thank you Patty! ~ Ellie, Irvine, CA

Favorite is Face Love

My favorite product to use from Cypress SkinCare is the Face Love. I love to apply this product under my eyes before putting on makeup in the morning. It helps my concealer apply smoothly and keeps my under eyes moisturized throughout the day without leaving an oily residue. The added moisture prevents any caking or creasing of makeup into fine lines around the eyes, aiding to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. I also love that this product is organic and will last a long time because a little goes a long way. I can actually see a difference in my personal makeup application while using this product and I plan on using it on my clients. Instagram - @facesbyphantasy ~ Ciera Phenicie - Faces by Phantasy

No more frizz!

I used the Hair Love, 80% of my frizz disappeared! It was the first time in about a year I didn't use the flat iron to control my crazy hair. The second time brought the frizz down even more. ~ Miko R., San Diego, CA

Perfect scent

Cypress SkinCare has perfectly balanced scents. I have sensitive skin and also am very sensitive to smells but these products are amazing. My favorite is the lemon oil, it reminds me of lemon cookies. The Hair Love is another favorite. I’ve noticed my hair looks healthier and fuller when I use it. ~ Sheila R., Anaheim, CA

No residue

Makes my skin smooth & soft! I use it after swimming in the pool and it keeps my skin from drying. Has a wonderful light lemon scent. My skin absorbs it & doesn’t leave a residue. ~ Shelly E., Las Vegas

Soft skin

Been spending a lot of time in the pool, which really dries out my skin. After my shower I use it, my skin is staying nice and soft. ~ Tari V., Conroe, TX

Softer hair

Hubby said it was significantly softer, and that was only a 20 minute treatment. Will definitely plan for the full hour. ~ Jennifer H.

Smells amazing

- Smells AMAZING
- Absorbs quickly so it doesn't feel like my feet are greased pigs!
- It smells SO GOOD!
- The skin on my feet appears to have a healthier sheen. Like a glow or something. Weird but cool!
- Have I mentioned I love the smell??? ~ Monica F., Antioch, CA

Not greasy at all

Two days in and I adore the Face Love. I used my Face Love after waxing, instead of the normal aprés-wax oil and it is *much* better. It removes the excess wax and is soothing without feeling like I just wiped my face with WD-40. ~ Kathy D., North Port, FL

Face Love

It's softening the wrinkles around my eyes. I use it every night and I use the Hair Love daily for anti-frizz. ~ Chad G., Laguna Beach, CA


I'm not exaggerating when I say I've tried over 100 products. I have a ton of hair that is FINE and very wavy/curly. Everything on the market is either too heavy - too light - too crunchy - too greasy - aaugh! Your is amazing for my type of hair! ~ Yvon


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